Shaw Academy Reviews

Shaw Academy, a Dublin based professional institute providing online professional and higher education. The institute was first founded by James Egan and Adrian Murphy in the year 2013, to provide cost effective education where high quality education is being conducted via online. Shaw Academy focusses on enhancing learning and practicing skills of individuals and offered top-notch education according to the students' flexibility.

Shaw Academy believes in every single individual should be educated. And hence, they came up with the high demanding professional courses at a very low cost via e-learning procedure. Shaw Academy is considered to be the best in the field of Web Development, Personal Nutrition, Beauty, Diet and Weight Management, Sales, Child Nutrition, etc. CPD and NCFE have accredited these courses which are intensive programs and students get an easy access to online audio and video modules.

Here in this procedure, students are able to interact with their fellow course mates and the instructors. Live sessions and notes are being translated in around 7 different international languages deleting the language barrier for other regional students. Students feel free asking their queries in languages like Spanish, German, English, French, Portuguese and Italian. Webinar classes are also being conducted where the students can simply type in their questions in the chat box available.

By any chance, if a student misses out his or her live session due to some unavoidable situation, Shaw Academy provides the recorded version of the class which is available in their login account for a whole 24 hours’ time. Shaw Academy attracts students from all across the world and lets them be a part of the revolution of online education in the transparent, reasonable and flexible way. The experienced and highly professional faculty members motivate the freedom of thought of every student and encourage them to achieve their goals.

Review of Introduction to Personal Nutrition

Shaw Academy’s Personal Nutrition course teaches you the fundamental principles of personal nutrition in cellular metabolism and nutritional psychology which are related to the components of diet. How basic molecular and cellular processes are being regulated and how overall health and disease of a human being can be influenced with the help of diet and other interesting facts are being taught in a very transparent manner. This course focuses on the way how micro and macro nutrients has their impact on health at organ, molecular and cellular level. Michelle Loughlin was such an amazing instructor who just didn’t made us students understand the concept but has also provided with real life examples. With these examples, anyone can easily get to the depth of the subject. She knows how to keep a student interested in his subjects. This course meets expectations and also receives a positive review.

Review of Introduction to Diet and Weight Management

The Diet and Weight Management program via Shaw Academy offers a complete and thorough information on diet and weight management. The classes were long and were explained in details but with fun and logic. The course helps understand the reality of the various myths related to weight loss and thus covers each and every concept of weight management and diet deeply. The content covered reality checks on various food and nutrients, what to eat, the procedure and other important concepts. Students benefits tremendously with this course.

Review of Introduction to Sports Nutrition

Shaw Academy’s Sports Nutrition course consists of different chapters like energy balance and body composition, post-exercise recovery for training and competition, weight loss and disordered eating, design and conduct of experiments, practical sports nutrition, nutrition, physical activity and health, etc. This course broadly covers the key areas like primary with general principles, examples from other sports to illustrate the nutritional goals of the players in training and competition. It also highlights the dietary strategies that to meet the athletes' goals. Modules on practical issues related to Sports Nutrition, nutrition goals and dietary strategies were clearly explained. Shaw Academy's Sports Nutrition course reviews mainly on athletes' nutrition knowledge, behaviors and beliefs of athletes, and deals with the change and achievement of goals in the world of sports.

Review of Child Nutrition course

The Child Nutrition course of Shaw Academy teaches the various features of Paediatric Nutrition. The course covers various topics such as home cooking, constitution of a balanced meal, sustainable eating, allergies, tastes, etc. The course helped us understand thoroughly regarding the eating patterns of a child that begins from their childhood itself affecting health and well being. Key focus on the concept of contemporary child nutrition, and the impact of individual decisions that are made in the Childs’ family are covered in this course. A simple, delicious and a healthy food diet for kids inspire a life-long celebration of easy home cooked food. The instructor let us participate practically dealing with the concepts of the program. The course material was simple and very easy to understand. Shaw Academy has opened my eyes about the myth we students had and made us more cautious and knowledgeable regarding the nutrition concept of a child.


Nutrition courses are becoming ever-popular and Shaw Academy’s Nutrition courses receives positive reviews and responses from their students from all over the world. These nutrition courses help amateurs, professionals as well as parents to realize and implement the healthy diets.